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Teat Dip Solution - PVPI Solution

Teat Dip Solution - PVPI Solution
Teat Dip Solution - PVPI Solution
Product Code : 033
Product Description

Teat Dip Solution - PVPI Solution



Applications :

TEAT DIP solution :

Direction to Use

1) Pre- Wash / mop the Udder with Broad spectrum Micro-biocide product like AFM-SPL

2) Post- Milking, apply ready to use Solution of PVP- I based ( Polymeric ) – film forming solution of required concentration with the help of a Teat Dip Cup, by dipping the teats.

3) A thin protective, water soluble microfilm of < 0.2 micron impregnated with “Tamed Iodine” gets formed in and around the Teat, on drying, which not only inhibits wide spectrum of Pathogenic Organisms but also prevents the entry of the Mastitis causing Pathogenic organisms.


Available concentrations & Typical formulations

PVP-I Solutions : 1.7 %, 5 %, 7.5 %, 10 %

Emolients       :  Q.S.

Use of a product containing minimum, 5 % PVP-I is strongly recommended, how ever we can supply products of various concentrations as per the need and results desired by the user.


  •   Wash your hand thoroughly with soap before milking.

  • Wipe the udder with Wet Cloth.

  •  Check Milk

  • Attach Milking Cluster

  •  Immediately after Milking Dip the Teat inTeat Dip Cup containing Ready to use solution of PVP-I based solution of desired concentration.

Use ofREADY TO USE product is highly recommended as the process of carrying out dilution at the place of work with locally available water source, involves inherent danger of introduction of cross infection.

Our PVP-I based solutions of different concentrations can be used for cleaning & Dressing of wounds.