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O.T Cleaning Cum Sterilizing Agent (AFM-OTS100)

O.T Cleaning Cum Sterilizing Agent (AFM-OTS100)
O.T Cleaning Cum Sterilizing Agent (AFM-OTS100)
Product Code : 20
Product Description


  • Operation Theatre Cleaning cum sterilizing agent

  •  Broad Spectrum Microbiocide

  • Effective against Broad Spectrum of Pathogenic microorganisms-Bacteria, Fungus, Yeast, & RNA Viruses

  • Non Toxic To

  •  Primary Skin, Mucous membrane & Gastro-Intestinal Track at recommended dosage of use

  • Easy & Convenient To Use

  • Mop/Clean & Spray O.T. thoroughly with 2.5 % aqueous solution. Keep the OT closed & free from human entry for 60 minutes.

  • O.T. will be ready for use in just ONE HOUR

  •  Directions To Use

Prepare 2.5% aqueous solution of the product and mop all the exposed surfaces like operation table, overhead lamp, walls, floors, trolleys etc. and allow air drying.


  • Spray the entire OT with 2.5% aqueous solution thoroughly with the help of spray pump. Keep the OT closed for just ONE HOUR
  • Use of "ATOMIZER is recommended for better results as it breakdown the particle size of the solution and thus reaches remote areas and cavities.
  • Other high risk areas like ICU, ICCU, minor OT, AKD, Trauma care, Pharmaceutical sterile areas etc. should be thoroughly mopped with 2.5% active solution, and allowed air drying.
  • Periodical sterilizing these areas by thoroughly spraying the 2.5% active solution is recommended.


  •  1 part : 40 parts of water
  • 25 ml : 1000 ml of water


  •  Bonded Iodine equivalent to IODINE I.P.(Titratable)                           0.3% W/W
  •     Titratable Aldehyde equivalent to FORMALDEHYDE (37%)              1.5% W/W
  •     Suitable detergent base                                                                          Q.S.  W/W

NOTE : 2 liters of diluted solution is sufficient for an area of 1000 Cu.ft

This unique product has been specially developed so as to give you maximum disinfection with minimum inconvenience .


  • Rapid Action: This product requires a contact time of 30 to 60 minutes because of which the O.T. is ready for use in just One Hour.
  • Non Toxic: This product is proven to be non toxic to Primary Skin, Mucous Membrane, Oral & Gastro Intestinaltrack at recommended dosage of use.
  • Convenience: This product after dilution can either be sprayed with a spray pump or mopped on the surface giving convenience of use.
  • Cost Effective: Due to its low dosage requirement this product proves to be highly cost effective.

Broad Spectrum
Antibacterial Action: This product is proven to be effective against a very wide spectrum of microorganisms including RNA VIRUS.


  • 1 Part : 40 parts water
  • 25ml   : 1000ml water

Direction to use

  • Mopping: Prepare 2.5% acqueos solution of the product. Mop liberally all exposed surface like operation table, overhead lamp, walls, floor, trolleys etc. And allow air drying.
  • Spray: Prepare 2.5% acqueos solution of the product and spray the area thoroughly with the help of a spray pump.

Keep The O.T. Closed & Free From Human Entry For 30 To 60 Minutes.

Other High Risk Areas

  • ICU, ICCU, Minor OTS, AKD,Trauma Care, Pharmaceutical Sterile Areas etc.
  • Add 200ml to 250ml of AFM-OTS-100 to a bucket of water . Spray or mop liberally all exposed surfaces and allow atleast 30 minutes contact time. This will ensure complete
  • disinfection of the above mentioned areas.

Non critical areas such as WARDS, OPDs, LABORATORIES, CLINICS,MOBILE UNITS etc. Should also be mopped thoroughly with AFM-OTS-100 at 1.5% dilution . Allow a minimum contact time of 30 minutes.


  • This product is not meant or intended to be used in treatment of human beings or animals .
  • This product is free from coal-tar acids, phenolic compounds and coal-tar oils.
  • This product should not be sprayed near eatables or sources of drinking water.

Packing available: 1kg. & 5kg. Packs.