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Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner (BWF)

Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner (BWF)
Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner (BWF)
Product Code : 17
Product Description

Empowered by vast infrastructural facilities, we are manufacturing and supplying Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner. These cleaners are used for cleaning recycled bottles, metal sheet parts and equipment & plants of diaries. The wider application area of this cleaner make this highly demanded around the globe. To meet the high demands worldwide, we produce this cleaner at very large scale. Customer can avail Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner from us in varied packing sizes, as per the needs.


Cleaning of recycled bottles, Plants & equipments of Dairies, metal sheet parts, equipment etc. with caustic and other additives has been a conventional practice. Product BWF was formulated after carefully studying the needs of the industry and the practice of cleaning adopted

It is a composite product of organic surface-active agents, sequestering / chelating agents.


  • Excellent soil / dirt removal due to high wetting and detergency & De-scaling action.
  • Re-deposition of dirt and unwanted substances which are removed during the cleaning is prevented as the additive enhances dispersing power of the Cleaning Solution
  • Prevents deposition of lime scales of metal ions like Ca.,Mg., Pb., Fe. Etc. which are present in water used for cleaning or introduced through the soil during the process of cleaning.
  • Does not cause pitting of adverse reaction with mild and stainless steel.
  • Saves inventory cost and related costs since only one product replaces all other additives generally used for alkaline cleaning process
  • Does not give corrosion during the time of immersion
  • Economical for use due to low dosage requirements
  • Ecofriendly - Easily Biodegradable

As a heavy duty cleaning agent for Dairies and Food processing units, Beverage plants, Breweries, for CIP cleaning of plant, equipments, recycled bottles, metal parts, sheets and equipments, in Engineering industries, workshops and allied industries

Physical and Chemical Specifications

  • Appearance: Viscous liquid
  • General Chemical Composition: Selective blend of organic Sequestering / Chelating agents and Surface active ingredients.
  • pH (0.1% Aqueous Soln.): Highly Alkaline
  • Specific Gravity (at Room Temp): 1.20+ 0.05
  • Ionic Nature: Anionic
  • Rinsibility: Complete


  • Heavy Duty Cleaning: 5% to 20%
  • Light Cleaning: 0.6% to 5%

Handling Precautions
This product is an alkaline product and as such, use of Rubber Gloves, Safety Goggles is advised to avoid contact with Skin and Eyes. In the event of accidental contact with Skin of Eyes, the affected part should be rinsed with plenty of water and mild BORIC ACID solution. Doctor’s help should be solicited if required.


  • The cleaning results are better at HIGHER TEMPERATURE of 85oC + 5oC
  • If temperature is not possible in the process of cleaning adopted, AIR BUBBLING should be provided which provides abrasion to the surface
  • The metal parts, equipment, sheets, rolls etc should be thoroughly rinsed off with HIGH PRESSURE Jets and the final rinse water should be checked Neutral to pH, ensuring complete removal of the product from the surface.