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Eco-Friendly Larvicide (LC 1000)

Eco-Friendly Larvicide (LC 1000)
Eco-Friendly Larvicide (LC 1000)
Product Code : 031
Product Description


Mono molecular Surface Film forming surfactant


  • Monomolecular films (MMFs) are biodegradable, Alcoxilated surfactants, made from renewable plant oils. MMFs are lighter than water and do not mix particularly well with it. As their name implies, MMFs produce an extremely thin film on the water’s surface. They can help remove oil slicks. MMFs have been widely used in the cosmetics industry for over many decades as a component of skin care products. Monomolecular films were investigated as mosquito larvicides and pupicides beginning in the early 1980s.
  • Monomolecular surface films do not kill by toxic action but exert a physio-chemical impact on mosquito populations .
  • When applied, they spontaneously and rapidly spread over the surface of the water to form an ultra-thin film that is about one molecule in thickness. They act by significantly reducing the surface tension of the water and wetting mosquito structures, which leads to drowning. Mosquito adults, eggs, larvae, and pupae utilize the surface tension of water in various aspects of their life cycle. With the surface tension reduction, mosquito larvae, pupae, and emerging adults cannot properly orient at the air-water interface and will eventually drown. Adults of both sexes that utilize the water surface for normal resting, and adult females who use the surface for oviposition also may drown. Eggs and egg rafts of certain species may not float normally or may sink and become unviable. Monomolecular surface films can affect species that depend on the air-water interface. They may be used safely in potable waters, waters bearing fish and other aquatic organisms, and in runoff waters that enter fish-bearing waters.
  • Product L C 1000 is carefully formulated organic compound synthesized from natural resource, which can quickly form a micro film equal to the molecular size. It is found to be most economical as compared to oil based larvicide formulations; its spreading is much superior. Generally four liters of  Product L C 1000 is good enough for around 40,000 sq.ft. water surface.
  • It is non toxic and safe to the users as well to the nature, environment, plant life, fish, and natural lives like birds, butterflies etc. It fall within the definition of “GRAS” , (Generally Recommended As Safe) products.
  • It is odorless, colorless and self biodegradable thus eco-friendly , truly, a product of Green Chemistry. ( Colored product can be offered if specially asked for)
  • It is in a liquid form and can be conveniently applied by any suitable method.
  • The efficacy of the product is observed in 72 hours and the effect of the film lasts for 7 days to 21 days, depending upon number natural factors and conditions. It is intended to be used on standing water, shallow ponds, lakes, woodland pools, tidal waters, swamps, catch basins, and other areas where mosquitoes can breed. Factors like speed of wind, presence of shrubs, herbs, water plants,  weeds, temperature, depth of water etc can affect the efficacy of the product, and hence the dosage and period of repetition of application will depend upon the integrated larvae, pupae management program.
  • Product L C 1000 is no ionic in nature and thus can be concomitantly used along with other products used to control ( Herbicides, Weedicides) and larviciding products used for targeting non floating larvae and other target organisms; if integrated management program is used.
  • It does not form any “Oil Slick”.
  • Economical for use due to its high spreading character and efficacy.