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Bottle Washing Chemicals (Ex Conc-AC)

Bottle Washing Chemicals (Ex Conc-AC)
Bottle Washing Chemicals (Ex Conc-AC)
Product Code : Acidic
Product Description

In order to meet the high demands in market, we are manufacturing and supplying Bottle Wash Chemicals. These chemical comprises excellent cleaning efficiency due to the excellent contact time and pressure it make to the item of cleaning. Offered chemicals are highly reliable in nature as these Bottle Wash Chemical match the international quality standards in terms of quality. Valued customers can avail these chemical from us in different packing sizes, as per the needs.

Bottle Washing Additive

  • Breweries, Beverages, Fruit/pulp based
  • Products, Dairies, Flavoured milk etc

Additive - Concentrate
Any good additive for bottle washing & plant/equipment cleaning ,should have properties like sequestering/chelating and excellent surface-active property.
It should give OPTIMUM cleaning efficiency in the given constant conditions like concentration & temperature of the washing solution, contact time, efficiency of the rinsing like no. of jets, pressure and the condition of the bottles.

Indeed, the cost of bottle washing is also of utmost important.
After due studies of the bottle washing, particularly in relation to the conditions prevailing India, we at Suhrid Chemicals have developed a unique formulation - PRODUCT EX CONC-AC which has following advantages associated with it.

Cleaning - Par Excellence: It ensures excellent cleaning by removing in-organic and Organic dirt/soil, oil, grease, solvents and such other fats/Hydro-Carbons, Gums, labels, corrosion ring, Fungus, viable and non-viable Mold, Charcoal (burnt - polymeric deposits of fruit juices & pulp).

Prevents deposition of scale and corrosion by sequestering/ chelating metal ions like Fe, Ca, Mg, Mn, Pb,  etc. and thereby helps trouble free working of machine and the spray jets etc.
Restores sparkling gloss of the Glass surface.

Highly Economical - Works at very low dosages and thus results in saving of COST of additive.
Works at low concentration of Caustic solution too that can result in direct saving of Cost of Caustic. The ideal concentration of Caustic solution used for washing along with “EX CONC-ACâ€
 should be decided after careful experiments and observing the microbial studies.

Excellent cleaning results are observed at caustic strenth in the range of 0.6% to 3.5%. It is also observed that lower the

Caustic strength of the washing soluti
on - lower is the loss of Caustic due to EVAPORATION and CARRY – OVER. New bottles or Pre-washed bottles can be washed at lower Caustic concentration.

Excellent pH & Thermal Stability: Forms Instant, homogenous compound with caustic that is stable to wide range of pH and temperatures.

Reduces rejection on account of “dirty bottlesâ€
 and thus increases productivity. Reduces breakage of bottles in the pasteurizer that results in huge saving of cost.

Breakage of bottles in the pasteurizer is also rela
ted to factors like temperature variations, alignment of the conveyor, carbonation pressure and age and condition of the bottle.

Removes the labels / foils of all types are removed efficiently except those that are stuck with polymeric gums which are Caustic and thermal stable and those which have layer of coating that prevents the Caustic solution to reach the glass surface and react with the gum

For efficient removal of labels stuck with polymeric gums, contact time of minimum 10 minutes is required and the temperature of the washing solution should be above 80 C.


Initial Charge

  • Caustic: 3.00 TO2.5%
  • Ex Conc-AC: 0.30% W/V

Note : In case of Breweries the upper Rinse bath should be drained daily and the Caustic concentration of the same should never be allowed to increase beyond 0.75 %.

IT is an excellent additive for cleaning of plant & equipments