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Beer Stone Remover (BSR-100)

Beer Stone Remover (BSR-100)
Beer Stone Remover (BSR-100)
Product Code : 04
Product Description


Beer Stone Remover

Alkaline Scale, BeerStone Remover Used in industries as additives in  cleaning, of Vassals, storage tanks, Fomenters(Antibiotics manufacturers) Radiators, Shell & Tube type cooling systems, Degreasing & Cleaning activities in Metal industries, Railways, Engineering workshops.


General Chemical


Selective Blend of Organic Sequestering agents and Surface Active agents


Yellowish Liquid


Above 8

Ionic Nature


Solubility in Water

Fully water soluble



Reactivity with Metals

Does not cause any etching or pitting to Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Mild reaction with Aluminum


Beer Stone, Corrosion, Milk Stone Remover and Descaling agent for Stainless Steel / Mild Steel Equipment.

Additive with Caustic for CIP cleaning of Plant & Equipment

Industries Applicable to

Breweries, Beverage Manufacturers, Food Processing Industries, Dairies, Distilleries, Confectioneries, Ice Cream Cos., Sugar Factories, Pharmaceutical and any other industries having Boilers of Chilling Plants of Heat Exchangers.

Procedure of use for Beer Stone :

/ Milk stone Removal and Descaling operation

Spray Method

Make Solution of required quantity as under:

Product BSR 100 5.0 % to 10 %

Caustic Flakes 0.6 % to 2.5 %

Water Quantity Sufficient

Spray the above solution with the help of âہ“Spray Ballâ€Â of âہ“High Pressure jet cleaning machineâ€Â for Removal of Beer Stone, Scales, Milk Stone etc. from Fermentation Vats, Maturation tanks and Storage tanks.


For removing Scales / Corrosion, dirt, charcoal etc. from Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Distillation columns, it is suggested to Circulate the solution of the required concentration with the help of pump till such time that the equipment is completely clean. Higher the temperature, better will be the efficiency.


Make consistent paste with Water and Inert material like Filter Aid of minimum 10 % of Product BSR 100.

Apply the paste to the surface of the vessel and allow it to remain in contact for a period ranging between 1 Hour to 24 Hours, depending upon the extent of Beer Stone. Rinse out the paste with Fresh Water, Use of Hot Paste and Rinsing with Hot water yields better results

Manual Cleaning

Suitable Solution of required concentration should be applied with Spray Brush to the walls of the Vessel preferably at an elevated temperature (maximum possible) and allow it to remain on the surface for about one hour. It will loosen the Beer Stone / Scales which can be scraped off easily with the help of Industrial Scrubbers.


Removal of Beer Stone and Heavy Scales - 5 % to 10 %
eneral CIP cleaning with caustic - 0.5 %


Maximum Possible. Higher the temperature, better is the cleaning

Contact time

1 Hour to 24 Hours depending upon factors like extent of Beer Stone, Milk Stone, Scales, Available Temperature, Method of cleaning and the Desired Results

Note:  After cleaning, the product should be rinsed out with Bacteria free Fresh Water and the out flow of water should be checked neutral to pH to ensure complete removal. As a precaution, use of  Handgloves, Goggles etc. as normally done while using alkaline material, should be taken.

In the event of accidental contact with skin, eyes etc., the affected part should be thoroughly washed with water and doctors help be solicited.