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Antifouling Agents (QTZ-100)

Antifouling Agents (QTZ-100)
Antifouling Agents (QTZ-100)
Product Code : 06
Product Description

We are indulged in manufacturing and supplying Antifouling Agents. These agents are used for industrial water and for pasteurizing. Offered agents are anti-corrosive in nature and thus are safe for pasteurizing. These agents completely gets soluble in water and ensure excellent rinsibility which leaves no water streak mark and residues on bottles. Moreover, a low dosage of Antifouling Agents is enough for cleaning and save loads of water.

Antifouling, antibacterial agent for pasteurizers.

Antifouling - micro-biocide - Bactriacide, Fungicide, Algaecide For industrial water, Pasteurizers.

An Antifoulant For Pasteurizers


  • A peculiar Foul Odour is experienced in a pasteurizer, particularly in the cold section.
  • During pasteurization, beer bottles tend to break which leads to mixing of beer in the water.
  • Microorganisms present start the synthesis of such organic matters like BEER / YEAST. The result is "Foul Odour" and fouling of water.
  • Nowadays water has become scarce and at some places it is in absolute short supply. Huge quantities of water requird for the purpose o pasteurization also means High Cost.
Product QTZ 100 Is The Solution To This Problem.

  • Inhibits Wide Spectrum of Microorganisms responsible for the putrefaction / fouling  and thereby prevents Foul Odour.
  • Non Corrosive in nature, hence safe for pasteurizer.
  • Completely Water Soluble. This ensures easy rinsibility which leaves no residues or water streak marks on the bottles.
  • Works at Low Dosages.  This saves huge quantities of water making it most economical.
  • General Composition  :  Selected blend of Triazine compound and Surface Active Agents
  • PH                                 :  Mildly Alkaline
  • Minimum Inhibitory   :  Less than 0.04 % W/V
  • Concentration                  
  • Dosage
    • Initial Charge  -   0.1   % W/V
    • Top Up             -   0.04 % W/V
The life of the bath can be extended till such times water turns extremely bad on visual examination

Other Applications
As an additive to cooling tower water to prevent Bacterial and Algae growth