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Acidic-Beer /Milk Stone/Scale Remover (BSR 100 AC)

Acidic-Beer /Milk Stone/Scale Remover (BSR 100 AC)
Acidic-Beer /Milk Stone/Scale Remover (BSR 100 AC)
Product Code : 03
Product Description

BSR 100 AC


  • Appearance: Yellowish to clear liquid
  • General Composition: Blend of Organic Sequestering agent and Surface Active  agents
  • Ionic Nature: Anionic
  • PH: Acidic (2-3)
  • Solubility: Fully Water Soluble
  • Rinsibility: Complete

"Product BSR 100 AC" is a powerful chelating and sequestering agent with high surface-active property. It can efficiently remove Beer Stone, Milk Stone, Scales, and Corrosion from the surface with great ease by Chelating metal ions and thus breaking down their bonds. It removes Yeast residues, calcium, protein substances including the polymeric structure of polypeptide nature commonly experienced in milk processing plants, Ice Cream Factories, Confectionery manufacturing and Pulp based beverages etc.

This product can be individually used for cleaning operation in CIP System where Acidic Cleaning is desired. It can substitute the use of Strong Inorganic acids, which, are harmful to metals yet generally used in CIP cleaning, with a distinct advantage of sequestering / Chelating property. It does not have adverse reaction on metal surfaces particularly the pipe joints and at the same time removes scales by Chelating Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, Pb, etc.


  • Acidic beer stone remover for fermentors/Maturation Tanks/Storage vessels
  • Acidic cleaning agent for CIP system
  • Cleaning agent for Beer dispensing units in Pubs and Fountains of Beverages
  • Cleaning cum Descaling agent for Distillation Columns.
  • Cleaning of pasteurizers in dairies
  • Cleaning of Vending Machines of Tea, Coffee, fruit based and carbonated beverages.

Industries: Breweries, Distilleries, Beverage Manufacturers, Dairies, Ice Cream Factories, Confectioneries, Food Processing Units like Fruit Juices & Pulp Processors, Pharmaceuticals (Antibiotic Manufacturers), Sugar factories etc.
Dosage: 1 % to 10 %
Time of Contact: 1 Hour to 24 Hours
Temperature: Maximum Possible. Higher the temperature, better is the result.

Procedures of Cleaning

  • CIP cleaning of Plant & Equipment: Make Aqueous Solution of required concentration (1% to 10%) and circulate till complete cleaning is achieved.
  • Spraying with a "Spray Ball" of "High Pressure Jets" cleaning machine
  • Make Solution of the required concentration (1% to 101%) in a separate vessel / Drum
  • Spray the solution with the help of Spray Ball / High Pressure Jet cleaning machine till complete cleaning is achieved.
  • The solution once made can be reused / re-sprayed.
  • Application of coat
  • Make paste of applicable consistency as under
  • Product BSR 100 AC - 10 parts
  • Inert filler material like filter aid - Quantity Sufficient
  • Water - Quantity Sufficient 100 parts   
  • Apply uniform coat on the surface of the vessel and leave it for a period ranging between 1 Hour to 24 Hours
  • Rinse out the coat with high pressure jets to find the vessel free from any Beer Stone or any other unwanted residue

Dosage and contact time depends upon factors likd extent of beerstone, milk stone scales, soil, corrosion, temperature possibility, system of cleaning and the desired results

Note: Product BSR 100 AC is Acidic in nature. It is advised to use suitable hand Gloves / Goggles while handling the product. In case of accidental contact with skin or eyes the concerned part should be thoroughly washed with water and doctors help be solicited. After cleaning, the surface should be thoroughly rinsed with Bacteria free fresh water and final rinse water should be checked Neutral to pH to ensure complete removal of the product.